Saturday, July 6, 2013

College Match Student Receives Ronald McDonald Scholarship

College Match Sara Rodriguez of Jordan High School was one of four students NATIONWIDE to receive a $100,000 scholarship from Ronald McDonald's Charities. She was surprised with this award at her high school graduation ceremony.

Ms. Rodriguez comments to College Match, "I cannot thank you enough. You have done so much for us Jordan students, and you have incredibly impacted my life in so many ways. Beyond the College Match meetings, you have taught me how to lead a life with responsibility and awareness. You are truly an extraordinary man and without you many of us would not be in the place we are now. You have opened a small window of opportunity that has transformed into so much more and bigger than that. So I thank you for that and for the time you have invested in my personal and academic growth."

This student will be attending Brown University in the Fall 2009.